What is #CougarAccountability?

As the incoming principal of Kennedy Road Middle School, one of the things I want all stakeholders to know is that accountability matters.  All of us are accountable for student achievement.  I am accountable for all matters regarding the school as the principal, faculty and staff are accountable for providing a safe and productive learning environment, students are accountable for their learning and for their success, parents are accountable for providing support in our efforts, and the community is accountable for providing support and resources to ensure students achieve at high levels.  #CougarAccountability is a combination of the accountability efforts put in place to make sure students get what they need at Kennedy Road Middle School.  It is our goal to be accountable and to get our students where they need to be.  We enlist students to put their PAWS forward by being Prepared, Accepting responsibility, Working hard, and by Showing respect.  That in itself is Cougar Accountability.

Dr. Gardner